Thanks for checking out Shelley The Radio Lady.  Here are some of the people and groups who have thanked me!

July 2012 – Listener Comment

I just heard Shelley Schlender’s interview with Greg Hill about his new book East of Denver.  I have to say that she impressed me an awfully lot with her personality, her penetrating personality.  She just came off beautifully.  I’d like to hear some more interviews by her.  What a sharp gal.  Thanks a lot.  – KGNU Listener

2011 Casey Middle School Journalists

Thank you so much for your never-ending hard work at radio.  You took lots of random sound and you turned it into a beautiful radio story.  It’s unhuman you made journalism that much better.  Thanks again.  — Sophia – Unicycle Story

Thank you so much for being such a great radio teacher.  I had so much fun making my radio piece with you.  I love how it turned out and I really appreciate everything you did.  I’m so looking forward to doing the live call in question thing.  — Allie – Middle School Dating Story.

Nature Almanac

“The owl piece was literally one of those moments (I was getting out of the shower – I had it on loud – and stopped, stock still) : he was talking about his friend who took him into the forest and his mother and the owls being 20 ft away and how they needed to leave to respect the owl’s place. Wonderful!” – Claudia

Radium Girls

Listener comments :

“. . . What an incredible piece of journalism!  Shelley has done it again. . . .  I just love to listen to her stuff.”

“. . . I always enjoy Shelley Schlender’s work and wanted to call today to tell you guys how much I really enjoyed the Radium Girls.  . . .  Shelley’s piece was riveting.”

Butterfly Navigation

From the Voice of America, which broadcasts around the world . . .

Your butterfly story is the most e-mailed story on the site today! — Faith Lapidus, VOA Stringer Editor.

Sent this around to quite a few folks myself. — Chip Taylor, director of Monarch Watch

Teen Pregnancy Story – Casey Middle School – Boulder

Boulder Weekly reporter David Accomazzo described the impact of the shows like this:
“A perfect example of the invaluable contributions community radio stations make came on the radio as I drove to work last week. It was a feature interviewing the mothers enrolled in the teen pregnancy program at Fairview High School, and it was one of the most honest, revealing and jarring looks at teenage mothers that I ever heard. And the reporters putting together the program were eighth grade students enrolled in a journalism class at Casey Middle School, a school that gets slapped around in the media from time to time for perennially underachieving on standardized test scores.

“Where else are you going to empower and train eighth grade girls to be journalists and talk to their peers about this issue?” asks KGNU’s executive director Sam Fuqua. “It was revealing. … That’s what adults need to be hearing as we consider how we deal with teens getting pregnant.”

Dear Shelley . . . You taught the kids so much and gave them a terrific opportunity. Your patience, was a model for me. Thanks again!“  Casey  Middle School Psychologist, Carla Friedli

This ‘Teen Parent’ series was very powerful. The combination of interviews with teens and service providers was well-balanced. The teen reporters did a great job!Maela Moore, Boulder Valley School District Communications Manager, who posted the series to the BVSD website.

Thank you, Shelley! From the journalism class Casey Middle School 2009-2010

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