Middle School Dating – by Allie

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As the school year winds to an end, what do young teens think about?  Dating is on the minds of many .  A middle school journalist at Casey Middle School, named Allie, has  been investigating the middle school dating scene.  She’s learned that many students do not want to date just yet.  And then there’s the 12-year old boy who’s in a competition with his older brother to see who will be the youngest when he has sex for the very first time.  And there are the middle school teachers who are married to each other and first met, years ago, when they were students in middle school.  For more on the story, here’s Casey Middle School journalist, Allie.

This story broadcast on KGNU Friday, May 20th, 2011.  This program was made possible in part through a grant from the City of Boulder Youth Opportunities Board.

“Dear Shelley – Thank you so much for being such a great radio teacher.  I had so much fun making my radio piece with you.  I love how it turned out and I really appreciate everything you did.  I’m so looking forward to doing the live call in question thing.  — Allie – Middle School Dating Story.”

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  1. Smith says:

    that is a good story. HAHA Allie

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