Droid “Camera” Operation – Starring Brian the Dog and Gillie the Cat

Here are some quick directions on how to use a Droid Camera “phone” for recording.  Note that the audio may be a little hissy, but overall it’s fine, and I think there’s a way to get the hiss out.  A bit more challenging is making sure that you hold the Droid close enough to the speaker to get good sound, and that you hold it properly for easy video editing.  Hold the Droid SIDEWAYS, with the BUTTONS TO THE RIGHT before you press the record button.  If you forget, stop recording, hold the Droid properly, and start recording again.

Droid Videos Starring Brian the Dog and Gillie the Cat . . .

Droid Held Sideways Buttons on Right

Droid Held Sideways Buttons to the Left

Droid Held Vertically Buttons at the Top

Droid Held Vertically Buttons at the Bottom

Note that to upload the videos to a computer, you need a cable for the droid, and you need to plug it in.  A little robot should appear, and you should agree to let it connect via USB.  You’ll then see the droid as a “no name” (probably) folder on your desktop.  The videos are usually in the folder called DCIM on the Droid, and they’ve usually got a sort of Gpn name at the back of them.  They can be uploaded into Final Cut Express/Pro OR Imovie.  If you do have some upside down or catywompas video, you can rotate it in Imovie more easily than in Final Cut Express.

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