Bernie Rollin – Putting the Horse Before Descartes

Listen (30 minutes)

“Great interview this morning.  I enjoyed listening and it was fantastic.” – Ellen

A beautiful, wonderful interview by Shelley Schlender.  We’re so proud and honored to have her be an interviewer of authors such as Bernie Rollin.  Wow, I was just touched with that program.  Thanks, Shelley.  I’m feeling much gratitude for you.  –  Celeste

Bernie Rollin‘s new book is:  Putting the Horse Before Descartes.  My Life’s Work on Behalf of Animals.  This broadcast on KGNU June 1, 2010.

About the book — “Dr. Rollin is a pioneer who introduced both philosophy and the principles of ethical treatment of animals to veterinary school curricula all over the country. In the process, he convinced the schools to eliminate cruel laboratory experiments that were a standard part of the veterinary school curriculum. His book is an engaging combination of both philosophical principles and his experiences. It should be required reading for both veterinary and animal science students. I highly recommend this book to everybody who is interested in the ethical treatment of animals.”
—Temple Grandin, co-author of Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human

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