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For a script of the call-in show, click here

Background:  The Casey Middle School Journalists wanted all the stories in this series to be in their voices alone, with the exception of adults they chose to interview.  They chose music for the programs and approved all edits.  We adults assisted by finding teen moms and parenting experts to interview.

I trained the 8th graders in interview, narration and call-in skills.  This was especially important, because these teens wanted to be in charge of the call-in show.  That is, they did not simply want to be the guests on a call-in show, being interviewed by an adult.  But being in charge of a call-in show is a process that usually requires the call-in show hosts to devote months to practice and experience on the air before they actually are in charge of a call-in show.  In contrast, these middle school girls had never even visited a radio station, and they had never read a host script, or drafted one.   (see the script) for them to review and then organizing practice sessions for them as call-in hosts and interviewers.  KGNU donated time and space to help them have one in-studio practice session before the show, and station manager Sam Fuqua assisted in coaching.  The girls sometimes rebelled against the emotional intensity of their project, and the hard work.   In the end, they came through, and KGNU broadcast their promo, four short features, and live call-in show.

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