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Sean at the Mic

The mission statement of Community Link (formerly Employment Link) is “To actively support the inclusion of individuals with disabilities within our community.”

Sean, Sargeant and Ben

True to that mission, Ben Hueftle, who volunteered at KGNU Boulder-Denver as a radio journalist in high school, has now returned to radio as a college graduate to mentor people in the Boulder, Colorado community who have developmental disabilities and who want to share their stories and adventures through radio.  I’ve volunteered to help train and coach Ben’s group now and then at KGNU , which donates space for this project and also broadcasts some of the stories that Ben’s group has done.  Click here to listen to some Community Link stories.  Here are some of the stories:

July 2009 Courtney Her Dog Maggie and Thunder Long

July 2009 Courtney Maggie Thunder Short

Bens Group Visits the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center

Alice in Wonderland

July 2009 Sneeze

July 2009 Tavio 29th Street Mall

Special thanks to members of Ben’s team:



Sean at the Microphone



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