My name’s Shelley.  You can contact me by leaving a comment below.

When I do journalism projects in schools, children often call me “The Radio Lady.”  Sometimes grownups also call me “The Radio Lady.”

I love to help people tell stories.  Whether they’re involved in science at high levels, in the community doing good deeds, kids in schools, or someone who just has a story to tell, I love people’s stories.

Sometimes I do radio, video and print projects as a volunteer.  Sometimes I get paid. Sometimes I share a story with a few good friends, and sometimes, a story I do gets heard or seen around the world.  To find out more, choose from famous, professional, children, community, or my favorite stories.

For me, a big part of sharing stories is helping other people find their voice, their calling, their confidence for how they’ll discover more about the world and contribute to it.  To learn what impact sharing stories can have on other people, check out “Thanks and Awards.”

And thank YOU for learning about Shelley the Radio Lady.

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  1. shelley says:

    Hi, Kyla,

    You are welcome to use the photo. The best way to do it is to download it to your computer and then upload it back into your web posting. OR, just use it in your class project. Another way to find photos is to do a google search on your topic, and choose photos that way. This is how I found some of our photos. — Shelley

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