Walk to School Day

Wednesday, October 5th is International Walk to School Day.  In Denver, Ashley Elementary School is working to make this a great event!

WATCH Ronny, Andrea and Emelio explain Walk to School Day

LISTEN to Ronny, Andrea and Emelio (45 seconds)

LISTEN to 30 Ronny, Andrea and Emelio (30 seconds)

LISTEN to Alex, Fabri and Xavier (30 seconds)

WATCH Alex, Fabri and Xavier (40 seconds)

  • Since 1997, communities around the U.S. have been celebrating Walk to School Day. Around the globe, International Walk to School Month brings together more than 40 countries in recognition of the common interest in walking to school.
  • Participation in Walk to School Day 2010 reached a record high with more than 3,500 events registered from all fifty states, the District of Columbia and , for the first time ever, Puerto Rico. Many more communities held events but did not register.
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