April Fool’s Day News Cast

Yes, there was serious news at KGNU on April 1st.

But in addition . . . We had a great team of KGNU radio volunteers infiltrate the regular news with an April Fool’s Day show.

KGNU Volunteers Susan Glairon, Gerald Cirrincione and Alec Harris wrote the headlines.

Casey Middle School students Allie, Ava, Jack, Sophia and Taylor conducted a survey about Boulder’s efforts to designate an official city beverage – organic, decaf, soy latte — and retired English Professor Mike Bell gave a historical look at this annual day of pranks.

To listen to the newscast (which begins with a normal set of announcements and then sneaks into the April Fool’s stuff), click here

For a “how to” about constructing a radio feature for a show like this, click here.

KGNU Listener Comments:

. . . I so fell for Susan’s hoax (because it is bad weather on the E Coast).  She had me there! I forgot it was April Fools’ day.

. . . I was stretching on the floor this morning when I heard the story about medical meth labs. After a minute or so I yelled out, “Medical meth labs? Seriously??” And Tom listened incredulously. Until he finally said, “Check the date.” And we both laughed and gave you and (Susan) kudos. Nice work! It’s inspiring . . . humor and levity . . .

. . . hi! I loved your April Fool’s broadcast and want to share it. Thanks! . . . Kathy

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