Wildfire: Fact of Life in the American West


It’s become an increasing dream – and an increasing fire hazard.  It’s people who work in a city during the day, then go home at night to houses in the forests and other wild places of the American West. While the desire to live close to nature is understandable, in the last two decades, expansion of low-density residential development into this wildland–urban interface has become a major, complicating factor regarding how to manage those natural areas. . . including how to handle wildfires.  In 2007, Colorado State University geographer, Dave Theobald, published a ground-breaking study that revealed that the number of homes at risk from wildfires has been growing fast . . . It’s a risk that some communities are working hard to address. (These stories originally published in 2007)

Groups featured in this report include: www.firewise.org

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