Lee Turner – Railroad Days and Trial Work Days

Here are stories from my dad, Lee, about his days as a trial attorney and on the railroad. There are also stories here from my grandmother These are all family stories.   You can listen on line, or download them.

Lee telling secrets to the grandkids

Lee and Railroad Days – recorded 1995, with daughters Cindy and Shelley

Lee and the Grandkids – recorded July 1998, with grandkids Walt, Amory and Owen

Lee and Trial Days, recorded July 1998 with daughter Deb

Part 1 (30 minutes)

Part 2 (30 Minutes)

Lee and Dean Porter, Lee’s longtime friend and colleague talk about Trial Days, the company Fuller Brush, and more.  (recorded in 2000, with Lee, Dean, and Dean’s daughter, Shelley)

Grandma Turner (recorded 1970s by Mike Turner)

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