Cyberbullying – Hailey’s Story

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Cyberstalking/CyberBullies
Using mean and hurtful words to bully other people has always been around.  But with new technologies, it’s taken on new forms, including hurtful messages that are easy to send with the click of a button, through text messaging, on chats or through Facebook.   There’s even a high-tech term for these high-tech attacks.  It’s “cyber-bullying.”  Casey Middle School students have been investigating the impacts of cyber-bullying.  Let’s listen in now, as Casey journalist, Hailey, explains how an innocent prank by her younger sisters led Hailey to be the the target of cyber-bullies.
Thanks to Hailey for sharing that report and to Shelley for producing it.  And tune in Wednesday morning at 8:35, when Hailey and other Casey middle school journalists will be on air, live, to talk about the internet, what’s good about it, and what to do about problems such as cyberbullying and cyber-stalking.
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