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Protected: Stories from Uncle Dan

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Doing the Dishes and the Meaning of Life

One Christmas season, my friend, Jean, told me this story about how, when she was 78, she became the dishwasher for a small restaurant, and how it touched for her, the meaning of life.  For the whole story, listen (6 … Continue reading

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The Canine Good Citizenship Test

LISTEN (6 minutes) Our 14 month old Golden Retriever, Daisy, joins her BFFs, Ellie the Golden Doodle, Ruby and Trixie, with Doggone Training director, Lauren Whittemore, to see whether these young dogs are ready to pass the hallowed Canine Good Citizenship … Continue reading

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The Colonoscopy (from 2001)

LISTEN (30 Minutes) These are stories from 2001, about people who have had colonoscopies.  It includes “news” about colonoscopies from 2001 – including a new idea for how to do them more easily.  Interestingly, virtual colonoscopies have become an even … Continue reading

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For One Man, Origami Unfolds a Better Life

For One Man, Origami Unfolds a Better Life

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Collin in the Snow

LISTEN (22 MINUTES) “Heart failure,” happens when the heart can’t pump properly.  Usually, it’s a disease of old age.  But Collin Johnston was in his 20s when he was diagnosed with heart failure.  To save his life, Collin got a try … Continue reading

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Andrew Weil – True Food Cookbook and Restaurant

LISTEN to True Food and Dr Andrew Weil_2012-12-19 Some call the Harvard educated Dr. Andrew Weil the father of  holistic health and New Age Medicine.  He’s credited with establishing the field integrative medicine which strives to combine alternative and conventional medicine.  And now, … Continue reading

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Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic

LISTEN – 27 Minutes Listener Comments: Dear Shelley, Thank you for the beautiful documentary about Brian and the Emergency Vet that was there for him. The story was serendipitous for us. This year we lost our 14 year old dog Marble.  We … Continue reading

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Trimming Trees for Winter Snow

LISTEN (4 minutes) Snow on trees that still have leaves can break a lot of branches. To prevent this damage, let’s follow a Boulder tree expert into a backyard full of snow and trees.  Josh Morin is with Taddiken Tree … Continue reading

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Video & Radio Stories Worldwide

Some stories are pure fun, such as this story about the Minnesota State Fair giant singalong. For other recent videos, check here.

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