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Doing the Dishes and the Meaning of Life

One Christmas season, my friend, Jean, told me this story about how, when she was 78, she became the dishwasher for a small restaurant, and how it touched for her, the meaning of life.  For the whole story, listen (6 minutes)

“If you cannot find the meaning of life in an act as simple as that of doing the dishes, you’ll not fid it anywhere.”Huston Smith

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The Canine Good Citizenship Test

LISTEN (6 minutes)

Our 14 month old Golden Retriever, Daisy, joins her BFFs, Ellie the Golden Doodle, Ruby and Trixie, with Doggone Training director, Lauren Whittemore, to see whether these young dogs are ready to pass the hallowed Canine Good Citizenship Test.  Who passes?  Does Daisy pass?  Or does she have YET to pass?

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The Colonoscopy (from 2001)

LISTEN (30 Minutes) These are stories from 2001, about people who have had colonoscopies.  It includes “news” about colonoscopies from 2001 – including a new idea for how to do them more easily.  Interestingly, virtual colonoscopies have become an even more popular way to get them done – that’s a technology hardly anyone knew about in 2001.

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For One Man, Origami Unfolds a Better Life

For One Man, Origami Unfolds a Better Life

Continue reading

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Collin in the Snow

From J2 blog spot

LISTEN (22 MINUTES) “Heart failure,” happens when the heart can’t pump properly.  Usually, it’s a disease of old age.  But Collin Johnston was in his 20s when he was diagnosed with heart failure.  To save his life, Collin got a try at a heart transplant, but snow got in the way.  Over time, snow became part of teaching him about how to take each day as it comes. From KGNU Producer Shelley Schlender. Continue reading

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Andrew Weil – True Food Cookbook and Restaurant

Dr. Andrew Weil - author of True Food

LISTEN to True Food and Dr Andrew Weil_2012-12-19

Some call the Harvard educated Dr. Andrew Weil the father of  holistic health and New Age Medicine.  He’s credited with establishing the field integrative medicine which strives to combine alternative and conventional medicine.  And now, he’s launched a new venture, through his now cook book, True Food, and his brand new True Food Restaurant.  But while the recipes are wonderful, and the restaurant is beautiful, what about the noise level?  And will we have the courage to point that problem out to him during the interview?  And what will he say?  Listen in to find out.

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Boulder Emergency Pet Clinic


LISTEN – 27 Minutes

Listener Comments:

Dear Shelley,
Thank you for the beautiful documentary about Brian and the Emergency Vet that was there for him. The story was serendipitous for us. This year we lost our 14 year old dog Marble.  We loved her deeply.  The vet that helped her find her way to the next world was as kind and caring as the vet in your documentary.  It made her passing somewhat easier knowing that the vet really cared too.  We now have a new puppy.  Her name is Belle and she is as beautiful and loving as our Marble was.  I am so glad that we decided to let another dog friend into our lives. Thank you for sharing the very difficult story. Warm regards, -M

Hi Shelley, We have not met but I have volunteered at KGNU, and I am a huge fan of the station. I feel like I know everyone there because I listen so much and I’m familiar with all of your voices! I heard your segment this morning about your dog and the vet clinic and was very moved. My husband and I just lost our dog last month and had a very similar experience at the vet. I have also wondered what it must be like to work in this field. Listening to your piece today was very touching and I appreciate it very much. Thank you for your excellent work. – Amy

Dr. Kyle Marano, Veterinarian

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Trimming Trees for Winter Snow

Trees and Snow - from wiki

LISTEN (4 minutes) Snow on trees that still have leaves can break a lot of branches. To prevent this damage, let’s follow a Boulder tree expert into a backyard full of snow and trees.  Josh Morin is with Taddiken Tree Company. He shares how homeowners can protect trees, plus what NOT to do.  And here’s a more detailed version, with more information LISTEN (15 minutes)

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Video & Radio Stories Worldwide

Some stories are pure fun, such as this story about the Minnesota State Fair giant singalong.

For other recent videos, check here.

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